Energy efficiency

We offer a range of services related to the energy use and carbon dioxide emissions of buildings.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

We provide EPC surveys of existing homes, rental property portfolio reviews, and advice and support to domestic landlords on compliance with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

SAP and Part L

As accredited Domestic On Construction Energy Assessors (DOCEA), we provide a number of services related to compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations:-

  • SAP calculations and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for new homes;
  • 'Area-weighted U-value method' - this is used to show that a proposed extension will perform no worse than a similar compliant extension;
  • 'Whole dwelling calculation method' - this is used to show that the CO2 emissions from an existing home with a proposed extension will be no greater than for a compliant notional extension;
  • Regulation 25A reports - analysis of the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of using high-efficiency alternative energy systems to supply energy to new-build homes, as required under Regulation 25A of the Building Regulations Part L1A;
  • Energy statements demonstrating how residential developments will meet their targets according to the Mayor of London's energy hierarchy.
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We are certified Passive House Designers, accredited by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany.

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Home energy surveys

We carry out Home Energy Masterplan surveys in association with Parity Projects.

Click here to read an article in the Daily Telegraph describing a survey carried out by Ian Preston of Abitar for Parity Projects.

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